Vinyl Reviews – What is Words of Vinyl?

Welcome to Words of Vinyl. The goal of this site is to give honest, every day vinyl reviews on new and old records that I come across, and give recommendations based on both the quality of the record, and the music itself. I’ll give a disclaimer here and say that I’m no audiophile expert, I simply am very passionate about music, love listening to and collecting vinyl records and enjoy writing about and reviewing them. This will be more of a vinyl appreciation site rather than expert analysis.

I plan to do two different types of vinyl reviews. One is for newer released albums, or reissues of classic albums, where the focus would mainly be on the vinyl quality itself, because as any record collector knows, buying new reissues and new albums on record is sometimes a hit or miss with regards to the quality, depending on the label and the band. The other types of reviews will be for older records. I plan to spend more time in the used sections and bargain bins and pick out some records that I’ve never heard of and know nothing about the band, so I can blindly review the music without any prior opinion or preconceived notions about it. The reviews on this site will be mainly from rock, heavy metal, and probably some indie and electronic will pop up here and there.

I have a modest setup that the majority of the reviews will be listened through. I’m spinning on a U-Turn custom Orbit with an Ortofon OM5E cartridge. U-Turn is an American company that specializes in making quality turntables that are affordable. Their systems are upgradable and can be built through their website. They also have awesome customer service so check them out if you’re in the market for a turntable but don’t want to break the bank. I recently upgraded my cartridge to a 2M Red however have not got around to installing it yet and will probably make a post on that in the future.

The orbit is playing through an old Technics SA-GX190 that’s been kicking around for years, along with a couple Jensen C-5 speakers that are almost equally as old but pretty good sounding. They don’t make equipment like they used to.

My goal is to update once or twice a week, so thanks for reading and check back soon for the first review!

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